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Greeley Garage Doors | What to do when things seems “off”

There is a proper course of action when you go to operate your garage door and something doesn’t seem quite right.  Let’s do a quick popquiz to see if you understand what you should do–  When your garage door seems a little weird, what should you do?

  • A: Poke it with a stick.
  • B:  Give it a good spanking.
  • C:  Immediately call a garage door company to come out and take a look and nip the problem in the bud before it becomes a major issue.
  • D:  Cover your ears and assure your garage door it can’t harm you.

If you answered D, you might be a child.  If you answered C, you’re correct!  Something seeming off is often an indicator that a major problem is on the horizon, but by taking care of it now, it’s a simpler, and cheaper fix.

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